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Duration ? years (02020-???)

“By 2030, China would expand to become a larger superstate. ”


Ongkowijoyo's Argument

The year 2030 AD is described as a focal year- a phrase which here means, ‘a year that will usher a brave new world.’- Some claim that by this year, it would be possible to physically connect the human brain to artificial intelligence. Others say that jobs, such as construction, fast food, and delivery positions will be fully automated, requiring fewer persons, as these positions will be taken over by robots run by AI.

On the other hand, I predict that, around the year 2030, China would have become a superstate after a series of three stages. In fact, we’ve already been through two of the three stages to prepare for this, by allowing target nations to first of all, develop with the financial support of the Chinese through the creation of key projects such as railway, mobile phone apps, and roads, which is evident in countries such as Ethiopia. According to the World Bank, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country has grown exponentially to an estimated 64.5 billion USD in 2015, indicating that the standard of living has been raised through the creation of new jobs caused by an increase in transportation affordability, and the ease of access to food, and various other essential items procured via mobile phone app orders. In fact, the construction of the Light Railway System, and the availability of apps such as WeChat have allowed people to perform transactions online via credit card and commute easily to work and earn income, which created a booming economy and raised the overall GDP to 82 billion USD in 2017.

The second stage, which follows the first, could only occur in the presence of a major global situation. Since December 2019, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) had spread with minimal resistance worldwide, claiming the lives of more than two million persons, while grinding all economies to a screeching halt. In other words, businesses such as ocean liners, airlines, and restaurants unable to offer takeout were deemed non-essential and ordered to shut down to contain the spread. As a direct consequence, over 10 million jobs were lost as of April 2020, with workers in these sectors laid off and relying on employment stimulus packages provided by their respective governments. The only way for an economy to restart is via the earning and spending of money between members of two parties. In the presence of the pandemic, target countries will further deepen economical ties between themselves and their Chinese counterparts through healthcare investments. In fact, major figures such as Jack Ma, have provided over 6 million medical supplies which includes test kits, face masks, ventilators, and the eventual mass-distribution of a vaccine to 54 African nations, which will bolster the health and well-being of these populations. More importantly however, this will catalyze the inevitable restart of their economies in a rolling fashion, starting with the opening of smaller healthcare sectors, followed by major government offices, and eventually, all businesses.

The Chinese influence on target nations via the first and second stage will indirectly promote a psychological phenomena called preemptive programming. Through this process, the population of target nations would be accustomed to the influence and would readily bring in the third stage, called assimilation which equates to the eventual absorption of these countries into China, with little to no resistance. This major superstate will encompass Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the African continent and will boast a landmass of over 44 million square kilometres and have the highest growth rate in the world, in terms of births and economic activity, eventually, overtaking the United States and most Western economies in 2030.

I, Brian Ongkowijoyo, have made this prediction on April 15th 2020, and is predicted for the year 2030 (± 3 years).

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