Bet 786

Duration 5 years (02019-02024)

“If Donald Trump wins the 2020 Presidential Election, Ted Cruz will become the next President of the United States of America in 2024.”

Max Wolter


Wolter's Argument

Whether you like him or hate him, Trump has reinvented politics. His approach of following through on his words has exposed the unauthentic dialogue of other politicians. This is why no democratic candidate of the 2020 election has been able (or will be able) to excite his base.

Observing the current political environment, it appears to me that Ted Cruz was one of the first to take note of this paradigm shift. More than just copying Trump's style, it seems this realization has set Cruz free to declare his ideas without filter or political vocabulary.

Unless the Democrats win the 2020 election and gain unprecedented control over the public discourse, enabling them to swing public opinion in their favor, Ted Cruz seems to be the prime candidate to connect to the American public in the way Donald Trump has.

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