Bet 776

Duration 10 years (02019-02029)

“I predict that #TSLA share price will trade above USD 420 on every day of March 2029 (a 42% increase over today`s share price of USD 295).”

S. J. F.


F. 's Argument

Tesla`s long term vision is to offer affordable solar-powered cars. While the Model 3 marks a big step towards fulfilling this promise, Tesla continues to innovate like its stuck in perpetual Ludicrous inventor mode. Most importantly, the company makes products that customers love. Tesla will continue to prosper as sustainable vehicles become the norm.

Disclaimer: Its March 3, 2019. I own shares in Tesla, live in Zürich, Switzerland and have never seen a Tesla Model 3 in the flesh. This aint (Wu-Tang Financial) investment advice.

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