Bet 755

Duration 10 years (02018-02028)

“In 10 year period from 4/1/2018 to 3/31/2028, a group of stocks selected by Math Oriented Value Investing will outperform any hedge fund, index fund, or any stock investment organization, without need of net of fees and costs of the organization. ”

Guoyong Liu


Liu's Argument

This is actually testing my theory that when Mathematics (including applied computing mathematics) are applied in business it can create huge wealth for human society than any other type of science or technology. Mathematics is the most challenging science and there are only a very small group of people in this world that can grasp the deep knowledge of it. When those highly talented people are gathered together and build some unique products and services based on their math skills, they actually created a special world that nobody else can easily enter. They can explore and harvest in that world for many years and generate huge wealth. They are in a technology monopoly state when that happens. Theose technology monopoly characteristics can protect their high return on equity, and their ability to generate strong free cash flow for the long term. Math oriented business usually don't have hard cost of products and services and therefore no investory trouble when depression comes. That helps them easily recover during and after depression.

The selected stocks: NFLX (20%), FB(10%), GOOG(10%), NVDA(10%), ADBE(10%), TCEHY(10%), ATVI(10%), ILMN(5%), INTU(5%), ADSK(5%), AMZN(5%).

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