Bet 377

Duration 32 years (02008-02040)

“There will be a casino on the moon by 2040.”


Reports's Argument

Shopping centers, old people's homes, universities – you may not believe it but these are all potential casino locations as gambling becomes more widely practiced and socially accepted in the future. But what about space? could there ever be a casino on the moon? We at bet there could be.

Space tourism will be with us sooner than we think. Commercial space flights are already on offer through Space Adventures at the bargain price of $20 million. The Lunex group, an international society of space advocates based in the Netherlands, foresees a robot moon base by 2015, a human base by 2020 and a lunar village by 2040. As lunar hotels spring up and it becomes possible to take your annual vacation in space, it's reasonable to assume that taking a roll of the dice at the Constellation Casino on Planet Moon is not such a crazy thought after all.

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